Kendall College

For 75 years, Kendall College has been offering engaging, specialized fields of study with a strong emphasis on immersive learning that is geared to your academic, personal,and professional success.

Whether you choose Kendall’s acclaimed School of Culinary Arts, world-renowned School of Hospitality Management, innovative School of Business , or well-established School of Education, you are encouraged to explore your talents, interests, and passions-and to discover a wealth of exciting opportunities.


Located in Downtown Chicago

In 2005, Kendall College relocated from the near suburbs to our current location along the Chicago River at Goose Island. The campus is a reclaimed, 100-year-old factory building, most recently home to a Sara Lee research facility.

Academic Programs:

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management


At Kendall College, we’re focused and dedicated to providing students with the professional development they need to become leaders in the next generation of the hospitality industry. And with our new affiliation with the Glion Institute of Higher Education, students gain a global

perspective on hospitality that could take them anywhere in the world.  Unlike other programs, Kendall’s hospitality management curriculum is specific to hospitality management. Every course has been tailored to meet the specific educational needs of the industry.

At Kendall’s School of Hospitality Management, students learn a balance of business theory and personal professionalism so they can attain leadership roles in the hospitality industry upon graduation. The Kendall College faculty is comprised of experienced and connected industry professionals who emphasize the education and knowledge necessary for managing large hotel operations, world-class food service and state-of-the-art meeting venues. Plus, students become immersed in the world of hospitality through a unique and interactive learning process which includes Kendall’s Integrative Senior Project as well as two required industry internships.


Bachelor of Arts in Business

Whether you choose to own a business or join the dynamic corporate workforce, the Kendall College Bachelor of Arts in Business equips students with the critical skills and business savvy to excel in today’s global workforce. The curriculum utilizes tools such as situation-based challenges, living case studies, management simulations and integrative projects. Succeeding in a changing and increasingly unpredictable marketplace is a fundamental focus. While the program is innovative, the curriculum still provides the solid academic foundation found in more traditional business programs.

Our goal is to generate graduates who are professionally-poised, confident and prepared for leadership roles in a variety of career fields such as retail, marketing, sales, communications, financial services, insurance, public administration, consulting, project management and food service management. At Kendall you’ll gain a globally-driven academic base in the areas of economics, accounting, finance, marketing and human resources. In addition, you’ll hone skills in internal and external client relations. Equally important, Kendall helps you develop, practice and prove the professional skills employers value such as critical thinking, organized teamwork and presentational excellence.


Culinary Arts Programs

“ Nationally acclaimed, our School of Culinary Arts has prepared exceptional professionals since 1985. We are committed to providing the highest level of academic excellence in culinary education to help our graduates achieve their dreams. Our intensive hands-on, cutting-edge programs are designed to ensure that our students excel in all areas of the exciting foodservice industry. Our graduates are fully equipped with not only superb culinary skills but also with solid business management and communication capabilities. We know this is the right approach because our alumni hold prominent positions throughout the foodservice industry in Chicago, across the country and around the world.”

Associates Degree in Baking and Pastry

This six – quarter program prepares graduates to enter the baking and pastry profession with confidence. Students learn the science behind baking in our commercial-grade bakeshop facilities. They apply this knowledge while gaining hands-on mixing, shaping and baking techniques, and creative design capabilities. Their creativity comes out in the chocolate and confectionery classes as well as the show stopping wedding cake course. Students also design

and serve desserts in our Zagat-rated fine-dining restaurant that is open to the public five days a week for lunch and dinner. Graduates of this program work in bakeries, patisseries, restaurant and hotel kitchens, food corporations and more. Some go on to own their own businesses.

Associates Degree in Culinary Arts

This seven – quarter program is often chosen as the first step in reaching professional goals, this program uniquely fuses the art and science of cooking with an introduction to critical business management practices.

Students with a US Equivalent Bachelor Degree can apply for the Accelerated Associates Degree in Culinary Arts which can be completed in five quarters rather than seven.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Culinary Arts

Designed for students who want the most options in the culinary field, this program begins with the basics, followed by advanced skills, practical restaurant experience and then an in-depth study of the cuisines of the world.  In addition, students learn how to plan, build, promote, run and sustain a food related business while gaining the necessary language, math, computer and communications skills needed for success. In addition to solid business coursework and culinary skill development, students study food-related subjects like food science and research and development. Kendall’s Culinary Arts B.A. program focuses on preparing graduates as professionals through an immersive learning process that includes industry internships and an integrative senior project.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Culinary Arts with a concentration in Nutrition


Test kitchens, healthcare facilities and restaurants are in search of qualified chefs and other culinary professionals who understand the nutritional and culinary requirements for a diverse population that includes children, teens and the aging population as well as vegetarians, sports enthusiasts and those with special allergies or healthcare needs.  Designed to prepare students with the classical culinary arts training of the B.A. program and a concentrated knowledge in the science of nutrition, this program begins with the basics and continues to provide strong capabilities and superior skill development in culinary arts and food science.

Why choose Kendall College?


Personal Attention

Our low student-to-faculty ratio means that you aren’t a face in a crowd. You’ll enjoy a close-knit environment, work one-on-one with experienced faculty and develop personal ties you’ll use throughout your career.

International Focus

Both the environment and the curriculum at Kendall College is impacted by the growing demand for students who can think in terms of global needs. Students also can take advantage of our affiliation with Laureate Education, Inc., an international network of accredited campus-based and online universities, for education and professional opportunities in Europe, Latin America, Asia and the United States.

Distinguished Faculty

Kendall’s faculty combine real-world industry experience with the gift for teaching. This blend provides students with the right balance of practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to excel.

Located in the Heart of Chicago

Not only does our location in one of America’s finest cities offer ready access to internships, jobs, visiting professors and industry experts, but it’s also a great place to live and play during your time in college.

World-class Facilities

Kendall’s, $60 million Riverworks Campus features modern comfortable classrooms, professional-grade kitchens and wireless technology, and is just steps away from the heart of Chicago.