Brillantmont International School


Founded in 1882, Brillantmont International School is home to 100 boarding boys and girls and 50 day students who come from over 40 different nationalties. The school is in the centre of Lausanne, a five-minute walk from the shops, in a beautiful park overlooking Lake Léman with a breathtaking view of the Alps.

Lausanne is in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, just 40 minutes from Geneva, and has a wonderful range of sporting and cultural activities. It is at the crossroads of three great countries — France, Germany and Italy and offers excellent cultural diversity while ensuring, by tradition, security and discretion.

Academic programmes Brillantmont encourages students to realise their potential in a supportive environment by offering an academic programme which challenges every student.

Brillantmont International School welcomes students from the age of 12 to study in either the British programme, leading to IGCSE, AS and A Level examinations or the American programme, leading to a High School Graduation Diploma. The choice of programme is discussed at length on enrolment and depends on the student’s final objectives.

Whichever programme the student chooses, he /she will receive a challenging education, thanks to small class sizes (average 9 students per class) and close teacher contact. Timetables are personalised to develop each student’s strengths. All classes are taught in English, however every student must learn French, the host language.

All grades are recorded on a daily basis in the online gradebook, which is accessible to parents via a password on our intranet. Parents can also see their child’s homework, teacher comments and work schedule on a daily basis. In this way, the school, the student and the family are always informed of the child’s progress and keep him/ her focused.

After Brillantmont our students enter universities throughout the world and are guided in the the application process by our counselling team. Many students attend university in the UK or the US though some may choose to stay in Switzerland and attend a Swiss university or a hotel school.

100% of our graduating class go on to further education after leaving Brillantmont.

Short Stay Programmes

Some students choose to attend Brillantmont for one or more terms in order to study intensive English or French. A personalised timetable is created, focusing on their language skills but also incorporating other subjects as needed.

School Life

We want our students to be happy and feel part of a big family. In each boarding house resident teachers support and listen to the students and help them feel at home. Every weekend, numerous activities take place, which give the students the opportunity to try new experiences and discover Switzerland. Trips to the cinema, theatre, sports events and concerts are regularly organised and lots of extra-curricular activities at the end of the school day keep students busy and develop their interests.

Accommodation is excellent with students housed in twin room, in buildings separated based on age and gender. Some triples and singles are also available. All meals are taken together in the dining room, which fosters a spirit of exchange and sharing ideas.

Living together with others from different nationalities encourages tolerance and understanding and the friendships made at Brillantmont last a lifetime.

Summer Course

During the months of July and August we organise a summer course for boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17. This summer school is devoted to an intensive English or French course, complemented by a programme of sports, excursions and cultural activities.

Every morning is given over to the study of English or French, in which the focus is on communication and actively using the language. Wednesday afternoons are devoted to class cultural excursions, whilst on the other afternoons, a variety of sports activities are organised. Every Sunday a full day ‘fun’ excursion is organised. During our summer school, the students are looked after 24 hours a day. The minimum stay is 2 weeks, the maximum 6 weeks and students arrive and depart on a Saturday.

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