Le Rosey

Established in 1880, Le Rosey is the oldest and worldwide most highly regarded Swiss private Boarding School. In Rolle by Lake Geneva, 30km from Geneva city, Le Rosey main campus (for boys) and the La Combe campus (for girls) are situated within landscaped grounds covering 30 hectares. The Château du Rosey, the historic original building dating back to the 14th century, was then a run-down medieval castle, but it was carefully renovated and the campus improved during the 20th century.

Today, our Rolle campus boasts some 15 different buildings hosting a complete range of academic, sports and arts activities, and offers boarding accommodation for some 400 students, from 9 to 16 years old, teachers and staff. Since 1916 the whole school has moved up to Gstaad, a famous mountain resort nestled in the Swiss Alps and nowadays home to world-famous celebrities, during the winter season. It offers its students a term of sun, snow and winter sports whilst continuing their regular school program.

A Swiss school with a strong tradition of academic excellence and a demanding humanist spirit, Le Rosey is devoted to developing all the “multiple intelligences” and talents of its students through academic, sporting and artistic programmes. All Rosey students sit official external examinations: the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the French baccalauréat. All teaching is available in a bilingual system that provides Roseans with keys to both English-speaking and French mindsets.

A clear, simple and rigorous disciplinary system which reflects ethical norms and imbues students with a sense of responsibility, achieves building strong community values. A highly effective alumni association provides a well-organized worldwide network of contacts meaning that every Rosean has support everywhere.

Le Rosey offers an attractive range of Summer Camps too, organized to Swiss quality standards and providing a remarkable number of sporting and artistic activities, games, language classes and excursions.

New in 2014 – The Paul & Henri Carnal Hall: The latest addition to our Lake Geneva campus, in Rolle, will offer students and camps participants the use of its Learning Center, cooking lab, visual arts and photography rooms, dance and music studios, and 900-seats concert hall.